Telecheck Code 3: denying checks despite sufficient funds?

Certegy Decline Code 3 – Validity and Edit Errors: Certegy does not have enough information to provide a sufficient recommendation to its client. Since these reason codes are vague, Certegy denying your check could be for a number of reasons.

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record number will appear below the Code 3. Please write the record number on a courtesy card and hand it to the check writer. The record number will allow the consumer to expedite the call into TeleCheck’s Check Writer Department for additional information. Code 4 means that TeleCheck has information on file that prevents warranty of any.
If the transaction is above the applicable threshold of acceptable risk, TeleCheck will flag it and issue a single-digit code, a
Certegy Check Services, Inc. (
The meaning of the Reason 2 code used by Certegy Check Services, Inc., for check verification is not clear. The company does not disclose the meaning of its codes used for declining transactions. Certegy, used by various U.S. businesses to verify checks as of , was founded in
I was dumbfounded when my check for $ was declined on 7/22/ Certegy's reason was it was outside the guidelines Certegy established for authorization which Macy's approved.1/5(55).
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Reason code 3 in Certegy's check codes means that the payment system flags a transaction for notice because the check originates from a suspect banking institution or from a country that has a lot of check fraud, notes Strong Estate. Certegy is a check-authorization service used by merchants.
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Apr 13,  · Code 1 - Negative information on record associated with the DL or the account the check is from. Code 2 - Risk. This could be anything from attempting to cash multiple checks in a short period of time to fraud prevention. Code 3 - ID mismatch. Reason code 3 in Certegy's check codes means that the payment system flags a transaction for notice because the check originates from a suspect banking institution or from a country that has a lot of check fraud, notes Strong Estate. Certegy is a check-authorization service used by merchants. Do a search on Certegy reason code 2 and you will see reasons why the check was not cashed. From what I can see since you were unemployed for 3 years and .

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